New music these days is often seen as careerist and aspirational.

Something as artistically pure as STARLING stands out in an instant.

Former Melbourne based punk rocker, Simon Stalin moved back to Sydney, added a g and became himself.  Isolated from the outside world in a dank Annandale semi, Simon began the cathartic process that is now his debut album “Semaphore”.

Inspired by a childhood conversation with his Mum as they searched for the meaning from the cover art for “The Beatles” Help album.  “Semaphore” is STARLING sending signals in attempt of pure and honest self-expression.

STARLING gathered up enough momentum that Simon was forced to share the songs with his confidante and bass player Wesley Gregorace (Devoted Few).  Wesley happened to be touring the US with THE CHURCH and shared the tunes with Steve Kilbey as they traversed highway one.  Steve recognized something unique in STARLING and put up his hand for production duties.

“Semaphore” was recorded quickly and fearlessly with risk taker Kilbey at the helm also adding vocals, bass and keys.  The rest of the Simon’s recording team was rounded off by his right hand man Wesley, Tim Powles (The Church) and Jorden Brebach (Sparkadia). The confidence to take these risks came from assured songwriting and Simon surrounding himself with the who’s who of the Sydney music community.  Between the album recording and the live show, members of THE CHURCH, FAKER and DEVOTED FEW join Simon to make up the sum of the parts that form STARLING.

The album is complete and the process has begun for it to be shared with the outside world.